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Warrior Weekend, 2021 - Instructors

Grandmaster Mike Dillard Grandmaster Mike Dillard - Grandmaster Dillard studied martial arts in the Orient, India and in the US. His past careers have included professional fighting, auto racing and movie/television stunt work. He has competed in over 300 tournaments and in 1990 he was captain of the four teams that Chuck Norris sent to Russia on a good-will tour. He was named Black Belt Magazine’s Man of the Year 2011. Grandmaster Dillard founded Century Martial Arts, the largest supplier of martial arts equipment in the world.

Grandmaster Dillard holds high rank and black belts from many systems and was chosen as head of system or Hanshi of the Roger Greene Martial Arts Association as intended by the late Grandmaster Roger Greene.

Professor Ted Sumner Professor Ted Sumner - Professor Ted Sumner began his martial arts training with the Tracy Brothers in San Jose, California in November of 1963. He received extensive training as an instructor and began teaching for the Tracy's in San Jose in October of 1967. He was awarded his Black Belt on October 11, 1968, one week before his 18th birthday.

Professor Sumner served as a Deputy Sheriff for Santa Clara County assigned to the Main Jail and later as a member of the San Jose Police Department working in Patrol, as an Undercover Narcotics Officer and on the elite SWAT Team. His Kenpo skills were well tested during years in Law Enforcement.

Professor Sumner is the author of the book Deep Cover Cop a true life account of his years as an Undercover Narcotics Officer. He also developed and wrote Secrets of the Kenpo Healing Arts, a distance guided instructional course in the healing arts of Kenpo. In 1988 Professor Sumner opened San Jose Kenpo where he taught as Chief Instructor until 2013 when he retired to Austin, Texas turning the school over to his top student Vance Murakami.

Professor Ken Baker Professor Ken Baker - Professor Ken Baker started training in the martial arts in 1970 when he first joined the United States Marine Corps. His first style was Jujitsu. As a believer in cross training, he has studied and earned black belt or equivalent in 11 different styles with an emphasis on Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Kung Fu, Arnis, Kobudo and Kenjutsu. Professor Baker started teaching in 1975. In 1977 he incorporated his school and named it Sagasu School of Self Defense or Goshin Jutsu no Sagasu Ryu. Sagasu means “in search of”.

Professor Baker has taught seminars in several different states and in different countries. In 2018, Professor Baker turned the business over to his daughter Karen Baker and son-in-law Gabe Greco, however, he is still very active in teaching at the school.

Grandmaster Col. Jefferson Davis - Grandmaster Jefferson Davis has been a part of the Grandmaster Col. Jefferson Davis Tracy family since he joined the Kirkwood school in St. Louis in 1974. Before that he took three years of Judo in College, and took karate from Master Bob Yarnall in the summer of 1966.

In 1983 he became a student of GGM Al Tracy. While working on his Master’s Degree in History at Southwest Missouri State University from 1975 to 1977 GM Davis had the fortune to train and work under Doctor Roger Greene and his sensei Grandmaster Joe Lewis.

Grandmaster Davis was an avid competitor in tournaments from 1974 until he retired in 2000, winning many state, regional, and national honors in both forms and fighting. His philosophy regarding students is simple: When they come to him to learn, they are putting their lives in his hands.

Grandmaster Davis still teaches and practices Kenpo with his top black belt Billy Dalton at his Troy, Illinois School; Grandmaster Davis retired from the US Army Reserves as a Lieutenant Colonel in Military Intelligence and Special Operations.

Grandmaster Dan Kennedy Grandmaster Dan Kennedy - Grandmaster Kennedy began his training under Bill Marron over 40 years ago and holds black belt rank in Okinawan Kenpo, Hawaiian Kempo, Jujitsu and weapons.

Grandmaster Kennedy teaches Okinawan Kobujitsu which is a martial arts weaponry style, Grandmaster Kennedy focuses on Bo (staff), Tonfa, Sai, Nun-te Bo, Oar, Kama and Nunchuk

Grandmaster Kennedy is currently the chief instructor at Lenexa Karate Academy and founder of the United States Kenpo Kobjitson Foundation.

Grandmaster Raymond Montoya Grandmaster Raymond Montoya - Grandmaster Montoya served in the U.S. Army as a Military Policeman and furthered his career in the Bryan Police Department until his retirement in 2006. He currently works for the Brazo County Attorney’s Office as an Investigator.

Grandmaster Montoya has been a Defense Tactics Instructor - including PPCT handcuffing, expandable baton, side-handle baton, Pressure points, Knife defense, & ground escape and Firearms Instructor, just to name a few of the many weapons used in his arsenal of knowledge and ability. GM Montoya was also a featured instructor at the Gathering of Eagles in 2017.

Grandmaster Montoya is owner/operator and teaches at Montoya’s Shorin Kempo Karate Jitsu in Roundtree, Bryan, TX.

Master John Maynard - Master John Maynard began his Martial Arts training in 1973. Master Maynard is a very accomplished fighter with numerous championships under his belt. Master Master John Maynard Maynard was also a member of Team Chuck Norris Systems that traveled to Russia. In the Chuck Norris Systems Master Maynard won Competitor of the Year 1992 and 1995. Heavyweight Champion 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998. Master Maynard holds 8th Degree Black Belt- GM Roger Greene, 7th Degree Black Belt- GM Joe Lewis, 6th Degree Black Belt- GM Danny Lane & 4th Degree Black Belt- GM Chuck Norris.

Master Maynard is in HAGANAH Certified Israeli Combative, as well as a Fire Arms Instructor & Range Safety Officer. He is also a founder of Offensive Strategic Body Defense Law Enforcement Training System (OSBD) and OnPoint Sights and Training Systems, which he currently holds a patent. Master Maynard is Owner/ Operator of Champions Martial Arts in West Virginia.