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Dr. Roger Greene's Martial Arts Resume
Circa 1981
  • 1964 Began martial arts Kang Duk Won with Robert J. Babich, a black belt in Kyokushinkai and Kang Duk Won (Senior instructor under Ra Chong Nam)
  • 1967 Achieved Black Belt
  • 1971 Sandan
  • 1968 Began Chinese Kenpo with Master Al Tracy
  • 1970 Began study with Joe Lewis, World Karate Champion and Tracy's National Karate Director
  • 1972 Promoted by Master Lewis and Master Tracy to Sandan, Senior black belt in 120 schools
  • First man in history to receive any black belt degree under World Heavyweight Karate Champion Joe Lewis
  • 1972 Top Midwest Regional Black Belt - Pro Karate Magazine
  • 1973 North America's Top 40 Pro Black Belts - Pro Karate
  • 1973 Jayhawk Bare Knuckle Full Contact Heavyweight Champion
  • 1974 Midwest Heavyweight Champion Official Karate
  • 1977-79 Midwest #1 Kata
  • 1983 Guest Instructor United Fighting Arts Federation - The Chuck Norris Organization National Convention, Atlanta
  • Instructor to Chuck Norris' Personal Body Guard, Bobby Green
  • Instructor to Tulsa Police Academy Self Defense Staff - Craig Roberts
  • Instructor to Oklahoma Highway Patrol Self Defense Staff - John Wadlin
  • 1983 Official Karate Legion of Honor
  • 1983 Hall of Fame Society - PhD, Board Member
  • AAU Karate Oklahoma Chairman, Midwest Regional Director
  • National Referee
  • Coach to AAU National Kumite Champions, Junior Olympic Champions
  • USA-Karate Federation Regional Sports Chairman
    Circa 1988
  • 1994 Coach for Team USA for winning Junior and Senior Karate Teams at the Goodwill Games St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 1994 Senior Referee, Goodwill Games
  • 1994 Choreographed Demonstration for Closing Ceremonies Goodwill Games (Largest TV audience in martial arts history - 100,000 Live, 115-130 million world-wide)
  • 1995 Coach Pan Am Team Trials US Olympic Village Colorado Springs
  • 1995 Received 7th Dan - Joe Lewis Karate Systems - Grandmaster Joe Lewis
  • 1996 Received 8th Dan - Al Tracy Kenpo Karate - Grandmaster Al Tracy
  • 1999 Presented the Col. Ike Slaughter "Warrior - Gentleman Award by Bushidokan Founder Master Jim Harrison
  • 2000 Pankration Hall of Fame Award - by Master John Townsley
  • 2000 One of 1st Two Inductions into Joe Lewis Karate Systems - Honor Roll at 1st Black Belt Research Conference
  • 2001 Awarded Senior Master (Kyoshi) at Gathering of Eagles by Grandmaster Al Tracy
  • 2007 Inducted into the Kenpo Hall of Fame
  • 2008 9th Dan in Kang Duk Won - Promoted by Grandmaster Park (Founder of Kang Duk Won)
  • 2010 Promoted to 9th Dan Grandmaster rank in the Joe Lewis Karate Systems by Grandmaster Joe Lewis
  • 2015 Promoted to 10th Dan Grandmaster rank - Tracy's Karate - by Grandmaster Al Tracy
  • 2015 Promoted to 10th Dan Grandmaster rank - Joe Lewis Karate Systems - by Joe Lewis Karate Systems Board
  • Karate Instructor 50+ years, trained more than 200 State and National Champions

Kenpo Karate
Martial Arts Family Tree
Sukuhei Yoshida  
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   Kang Duk Won
James Mitose  
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Wm. Chow Mas Oyama Park Chull Hee  
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   Joe Lewis Fighting System
Ed Parker Don Buck Rha Chong Nam
      \   \ /     /
Al Tracy Robert J. Babich Joe Lewis
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Dr. Roger W. Greene, Grand Master
Kudan, 9th Degree Black Belt - Park Chull Hee (Founder of Kang Duk Won)
Judan, 10th Degree Black Belt - Joe Lewis Fighting System
Judan, 10th Degree Black Belt - Tracy's Kenpo Karate