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Pre-Warrior Weekend XVI Range Day -- Friday, June 9th, 2017

  • NOTE: This year's Basic Intro and Intermediate Defensive Pistol class will not be held due to the assualt on the Second Amendment Rights of American citizens by the current administration, which has created a panic and subsequent instability in the supply by manufacturers in the firearms' related industries.

  • The firing range will still be available and will be supervised at all times, however, participants will need to bring their own weapons and ammunition, as they will not be provided.

  • Recommended for adults familiar with firearms (no children please)

  • Bring your own firearm with proper safety compliance (chambers empty and actions open)

  • Bring your own ammunition

  • Range Fee: $25 per person

  • Rules for the Range:
  • At all times, think safety
  • Do not load or fire until directed by Rangemaster
  • All weapons checked before entering and leaving firing line
  • No loaded weapons until on the firing line, no exceptions
  • All weapons pointed down range